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Galcon Legends

    Galcon Legends is a sci-fi strategy game developed and published by Hassey Enterprises, Inc. for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux PC’s and was released in January 13, 2014.
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    Game Screenshots

    Galcon Legends Screen 3

    Galcon Legends Screen 2

    Galcon Legends Screen 1
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    About the game

    Join Buck the bill collector as he unites the galaxy against the forces of evil. Send swarms of ships to defeat enemy planets and conquer the universe!

    Galcon Legends teaches the basic strategies of Galcon through a single-player campaign. The 23 missions can be easily defeated at the lower ranks, but mastery at the Grand Admiral rank will take much more effort!
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    Mac System Requirements

    OS: OS X 10.5
    Processor: 2 Ghz
    Graphics: OpenGL 2.0
    Hard Drive: 256 MB available space
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    Video game trailer

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    How to install

    Galcon Legends (Mac)

    Galcon Legends Download Link

    File Size: 47.31 MBFile Type: .zip
    Galcon Legends For Mac

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